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#PhotoFriday & #FollowFriday with @BraddyG, @ProducingK, & NCSUlilWolf

What is PhotoFriday?

Instead of posting 140 characters of nothing but twitter usernames, I’ve decided to make the #FollowFriday “tradition” a more personalized and social activity. Each Friday, I’ll be posting a #PhotoFriday blog post containing a photo of those individuals whom I feel are important enough, or interesting enough, to follow on various social networks.

In fact, I’ll be asking for photos of selected individuals for the #PhotoFriday post (hence the name).  Along with their submitted photo, I’ll be adding in a short personalized blurb about how this individual has touched my life, and why they should be followed.

Brad Gurley




Why Follow Brad?
I first met Brad Gurley back in March of 2007, when I started at small startup company called iContact (then named the Broadwick Corporation).  We both worked as Technical Support Representatives and eventually both found ourselves in management roles soon thereafter.  Brad’s leadership as a manager, and his personality fueled the vibrant and family-oriented culture at iContact in the early years.  Brad was more than just a manager, he was a friend to everyone.

Since iContact, Brad has excelled at every project and organization lucky enough to have him on board.  Brad is serial software beta-tester and nightlife entertainment critic, writing for organizations like Yelp and the Examiner.  On his blog,, you’ll find updated critiques and reviews of Triangle area restaurants, bars, clubs, and music venues.  If you’re ever looking for something to do in the Triangle area, Brad Gurley is your source for nightlife entertainment.

Kim Green




Why Follow Kim?
I’ve known Kim Green for a few years now, and we’ve run across one another through various online channels and offline conferences.  When she was the Executive Producer of NBC-17, she had invited myself and several other industry colleagues to the NBC-17 studio to tour and provide some insight on how their station could better incorporate social media & digital strategies into their campaigns.

Besides being a highly knowledgeable industry professional, Kim is as honest and sincere as they come.  Her personality is that of an open, honest, and trustworthy person.  It’s always a pleasure talking with her, and to top it all off, she’s got a great sense of humor.  It’s always a pleasure to follow her tweets, and I always look forward to working with Kim on projects.

Lisa Jeffries




Why Follow Lisa?
I first met Lisa on Twitter, while assisting her with her iContact account.  Over time, and several twitter conversations, I quickly realized that Lisa is a passionate promoter of music and nightlife entertainment groups and venues, a common thread we share from my past.

She’s a fellow marketing professional, and a proud self-proclaimed “good old-fashioned southern girl at home in the modern world.”  On her personal blog, you’ll find many great posts in a healthy proportion — ranging from posts about her personal life to restaurant reviews, and of course, promoting upcoming concerts and events.

Lisa is the President & CEO at the Raleighwood Media Group, which provides Triangle area business owners, non-profits, and individuals with a cost-effective marketing and brand management services.  If you’re a small-to-medium sized business (SMB), and looking for a professional marketing group to help you with your next big event, I suggest giving Lisa’s group a call!

Special Thanks to those individuals selected for #PhotoFriday/#FollowFriday, especially for sending in your candid self-photos! :)


May 28, 2010: #PhotoFriday & #FollowFriday

Heather L. Kilcrease




Why Follow Heather?
In short, Heather is one of the most passionate and outspoken professional women in the Triangle area. Her passions are deeply rooted in helping non-profit organizations with their marketing and social media campaigns. Heather is the Leader for the Raleigh Chapter of Webgrrls International, an organization that promotes professional women through education, support, and resources.

I have had the honor of speaking on panels with her, and she is a knowledgeable and well-spoken speaker. Her desire to better her community, and her natural ability to inspire and lead people, are just some of the many qualities that I admire about Heather. If you are not connected with her, you should be!

Julie Frye Sanders




Why Follow Julie?
It’s difficult to even begin to describe Julie Frye Sanders, and don’t be fooled by the other “Julie Sanders” out in the world — there is only one “Julie Frye Sanders,” and all others are simply imitators.

Julie is the Brand Manager for iContact, an industry leading email service provider based in Durham, NC. Her brand marketing experience is simply phenomenal, and she dedicates herself to her projects 150%. Her outgoing and often outspoken personality is matched only by her ability to develop the most creative campaigns, videos, and projects. When working on marketing projects, she challenges all existing standards and expectations, and clearly fuels her creativity from far outside of the “box.”

It’s a great personal honor to work with such a wonderful individual, and I am grateful to work so closely with such a talented industry professional, such as Julie Frye Sanders.

Brian Perry




Why Follow Brian?
I first met Brian, informally, while evangelizing for my favorite brand of fried chicken, Bojangles. At the time, he was the Social Media Strategist for the famous @GottaWannaNeeda campaign for Bojangles. He has since moved on to represent a portfolio of local and national clientele.

I follow Brian not only because of his creativity and performance in the marketing industry, but because he also represents himself as a trustworthy and honest individual whom is passionate about promoting brands with integrity. I am truly glad that I not only had the chance to evangelize a brand that I loved, but also recognize one of the guys behind the campaign that has made Bojangles’ and many other brands, strong and solid contenders in the social media ring.