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Review of Innova's Champion Groove

Innova’s Champion Groove Distance Driver

Classification: Distance Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Weight Range: 165 to 175 grams

Brief Description: “The Groove features an innovative groove on the underside of the rim. This channel allows this speed 13 driver to be molded in lighter weights than our other wide rim high speed drivers… Fast, long, straight distance off the tee. If the Boss is too stable, get into the Groove.”

Last week I purchased the new Champion Groove distance driver by Innova, from Play It Again Sports in Cary, NC. Innova boasts on their website that it’s a Speed 13 rated distance driver that is more understable, for individuals whom can’t easily play the Champion Boss distance driver.

Being that I LOVE my Champion Boss, I decided that maybe the Champion Groove might be a nice addition to my arsenal.

The Groove’s speed is definitely comparable with the Champion Boss, however, when it came to overall distance, the Champion Boss out-performed the Groove time and time again. Regardless of whether it was Right-Handed Back Hand (RHBH) or Sidearm throws, the Champion almost always had a 10-15′ advantage over the Groove.

Obviously, my testing of the two discs is in no way scientific at all, but as far as real world play, my mind is dead set on keeping the Champion Boss (and my soon to be purchased Star Boss) as my primary disc of choice for those long distance drives.

Overall Rating By Reviewer: 8/10

Pros: Excellent wind resistance, speed, and distance. Better suited for players that prefer understable discs. Great groove for improved grip.

Cons: Does not seem to drive as far as the Champion Boss. More expensive than the Boss.


Review of Innova's New Champion Boss Driver

Dave Feldberg Champion Boss Distance Driver

Classification: Distance Driver
Diameter: 21.2cm
Weight Range: 172 to 175 grams
Brief Description: “The Champion Boss is a fast long-range distance driver with stability. Designed for maximum distance off the tee. Great disc choice for sidearm or backhand throwers. Endorsed by 2008 World Champion Dave Feldberg. Available Plastics: Champion Best Choice for: Power players. Sidearm throwers. Fast, long distance off the tee.”

Last week I ordered some Disc Golf supplies from, which included two sets of Innova marker discs, a back strap, and two of the new Dave Feldberg Champion Boss Distance Drivers. Innova boasts on their website that it’s their first Speed 13 Rated Distance Driver, and has the ability for improved wind and torque resistance. I was skeptical at first, being that I’ve worked in Marketing and currently in Communications/PR. After trying this disc out this past weekend however, I am sold on the reliability and performance of this newest Innova disc.

Once again, I made the trek out to Cedarock DGC (a course which is quickly becoming my course of choice), and played a few holes using the Champion Boss. Even with the 15mph winds and occasional 30mph wind gusts, the Champion Boss quickly dominated in speed, distance, and resistance to the moderate to heavy wind conditions on the course.

Many of you know that I am by no account a Professional Disc Golfer, but I do love the sport and I play whenever I can. The Champion Boss will take a little getting used to, but with enough practice and you’ll find that this disc has the potential to be your primary distance workhorse on the course…

Overall Rating By Reviewer: 9/10
Pros: Excellent wind resistance, speed, and distance.
Cons: Not suited for beginners. A seemingly much stronger fade than indicated.