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Digital Short: 10-Second Video That Sums Up My Day…

Video Blog: A quick 10-second video that sums up my day today…

Camera Platform: iPhone 3GS
Post-Production: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c
Project Length: 12 Minutes

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An In-Air Conversation with a Film Producer En Route to NAB

While on a recent 5 hour flight from Raleigh, NC to Las Vegas, I had the honor of sitting next to a television producer. This gentleman was en route to the NAB Conference (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas, NV.

We spoke in detail about the Film Industry and emerging technologies affecting video production studios worldwide. We ultimately talked about film formats and even camera platforms, and stumbled upon a discussion about the Sony HDR-FX1, which is a camera platform that I love dearly and still own to this day.

The Sony HDR-FX1 is a 3-CCD High Definition Prosumer-Level Camcorder that records in 16:9 aspect ratio onto mini-DV tapes. It’s a solidly reliable camera platform that is able to get into places and angles that most other cameras of it’s day simply couldn’t.

In the office at my day job, I use the Sony HDV-XR520V exclusively for high-definition video productions. It’s small, extremely reliable, and uses the latest on-board Hard Disk Drive technology to store recorded video data. However, this camcorder lacks many of the industry standard options that the HDR-FX1 contains.

As a prosumer-level camera platform, the HDR-FX1 uses optical zoom technology, and allows for full manual control over such settings as: focus, iris, shutter speed, EV, saturation, audio and more.

This conversation brought back memories of truly rich and wonderful video production projects that I have worked on while using the HDR-FX1. Having the type of manual control over even the most trivial of settings, allowed me to have the ability to customize the picture to my ideal look and feel. A level of video customization that just isn’t available in even today’s high tech consumer-level point-and-shoot camcorders.

It was a pleasure speaking to this individual on my flight into Las Vegas, and I wish him and his production company the best of luck in today’s competitive video production industry. Our conversation brought back many fond memories of various projects long forgotten. In fact, it’s rejuvenated my interest in producing low-budget film projects that have been on the “back-burner” for years.

Thank you to the gentleman that will remain unnamed on last night’s fateful flight. Your life’s calling has reignited the fire within myself to revisit those projects left unfulfilled.


James C. Wong
Passenger, US Air #Flight 383


Ford Fiesta Mission #4: Go BIG!

Video & Photography By: James Wong,

So my good friend Taylor Barr needed some help with his Ford Fiesta Movement Mission for August 2009, so we got together on Saturday, August 29th and rocked it out!

I shot with a Sony HD Camcorder (as always), as well as some “vblog-style” (VBS) video via my Sony Webbie and Taylor’s Flip HD. The post-production editing was done Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. The entire production and post-production time frame was basically 24 hours, so it was a quick job, but the entire project came together quite nicely…

Ford Fiesta Movement Challenge

This Month is Social Activism Month. We took the time to visit one Big Brother and one Big Sister from the Big Brother Big Sister of the Triangle. In between hanging out with the two stellar mentors, we ran into the Panther Creek Marching Band, donated some money, and listened to some great music! Enjoy.

- Taylor Barr


#SecretAsianMan in Ford Fiesta Mission

Rocked some serious #AsianPride in @TaylorBarr and @DParsons22′s #FiestaMovement Mission 2: Mobile Gaming!


June 2009 iNews Video: Summer Plans

June 2009 iNews Video: What Are Some of Your Summer Plans?
Video Production By: Taylor Barr
Video Post-Production Editing By: James Wong

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