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Empowered Ideas Co-Founder, James Wong (@CommunityMGR), was invited to be a guest on #PrevChat, a bi-weekly discussion on Twitter which provides an opportunity to connect and share resources, ideas and possibilities with other individuals who are equally energized about prevention and wellness.

With an increasing number of nonprofits and coalitions engaging in social media and digital communications, it’s increasingly critical that these organizations develop digital policies, strategies and empower their team members through training.

#PrevChat Twitter Discussion Archive:

PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  | @PrevChat: Thank you all for joining a big round of virtual applause for @CommunityMGR aka James Wong for sharing his expertise/wisdom #PrevChat

James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  @CommunityMGR: Thanks to @PrevChat for hosting today’s discussion. Thx 2@complexified @drjeremysegrott @Center_for_AI @Coyenator+more for the discussion.

Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: Thank you @communityMGR for taking the time to share your insights on SM and how we can communicate authentically with one another #prevchat

Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: @CommunityMGR @coyenator thank you so much for a thought-provoking and valuable hour of #PrevChat !

PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Qwrap That’s a wrap. Re-introduce yourself, location and tell us something you’d like us to know about you or ur work

James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: It’s been a pleasure joining #PrevChat today. Again, I am James Wong of #EmpoweredIdeas, a Mktg/Comm firm for Small Businesses & Nonprofits.


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: A6 Several but for starters, be selective in channels, add value to convo, and craft message to ignite conversation #PrevChat

Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: RT @CommunityMGR Some offices today have TV monitors in hallways stream LIVE feeds from Twitter/FB. Staff SEE & be in the KNOW. #PrevChat

Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: #PrevChat mobile for sure. See also work of BJ Fogg. Also Dave Gustafson at U WI, who’s written about pervasive persuasive tech.

PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  @PrevChat: Qwrap Re-introduce yourself, location and tell us something you’d like us to know about you or ur work.

James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: @drjeremysegrott Twitter is a great broadcast medium for knowledge exchange. Translation is best on channels with >140 chars. :) #PrevChat


PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q6 What’s your favorite tweet wisdom from PrevChat today?#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: If staff are trained to what SM you have, and where/how to share it, they often will. No training = often afraid to participate. #PrevChat


PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q6 As we near our qwrap today, What’s your favorite tweet wisdom, learning or action from PrevChat today?


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Some offices today have TV monitors in hallways that stream LIVE feeds from Twitter/FB. This allows staff to SEE & be in the KNOW.#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Can’t make viral content. Content goes viral because it’s relevant and engaging. If you post boring stuff, you get the same back. #PrevChat


Dr Jeremy Segrott  |  Tiny Klout Flag49  |  ‏@DrJeremySegrott: @CommunityMGR In @deciphercentre we are trying to think about knowledge exchange, not just knowledge translation. #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @complexified I always suggest mobile as a way to work around some of the obstacles to access, thoughts? #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Key to Branding Online = Consistent Messaging, Relevant Content, Strategic Content Placement & Considerations to Website Traffic#PrevChat

 PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q6 In the flow — What are some ways to make social media communications a natural part of work flow for most, not an add on?

Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: @coyenator #prevchat yes, many orgs deny SocMed access at work. ListServ tech may still be useful. Other ways?


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @CommunityMGR Any tips or listening tools (or practices) you recommend? #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: @center_for_ai Yes! Be selective in who you follow, & your feeds will be less cluttered. Likewise, be strategic in what you post. #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Any content (auto or live) is a seed for conversation. Craft your messaging so that it ignites conversation. Always be listening.#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: @drjeremysegrott Integrating online and offline worlds has been a passion of mine since I was 12. :D  #PrevChat


Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: @CommunityMGR #prevchat yes, key is monitoring to respond asap to replies and comments


Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: what I have learned is to be strategic in who you follow and the content you post. That’s how you authentically connect to others#prevchat


Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: #PrevChat A5: be DIFFERENT. What do you say or offer that adds value, builds potential, that is unique to you? Diff strat for coalitions..


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @CommunityMGR do you treat auto-tweets with static content as a way to seed conversation or drive traffic or both? #PrevChat


Dr Jeremy Segrott  |  Tiny Klout Flag49  |  ‏@DrJeremySegrott: @CommunityMGR Find integrating SM with face 2 face interaction good – eg meeting people @ conferences after linking on Twitter.#prevchat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Key to SM: Ppl are TALKING. You always LISTEN. If you join a channel, have the resources to ENGAGE. Not all channels = AUDIENCE #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @complexified agree Bruce, yet I still find most agencies & organizations do not allow staff to use social media at work #fail#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: @complexified | Exactly, but you can do both. Auto-tweets for static content, but real-time for discussion, & ALWAYS monitor it #PrevChat


Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: #PrevChat A3: SocMed is a tool, some better than others. Assure all have access, & know-how; feedback loops driving learning & change


PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q5 What are some ideas, resources or examples you’ve seen or created for getting social media messaging & web branding right?#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Empowering your staff is the diff between “I work at __.” and “I work at __, and we do __ and __. Follow us on __ & __ &__.” #PrevChat


Dr Jeremy Segrott  |  Tiny Klout Flag49  |  ‏@DrJeremySegrott: @CommunityMGR - that’s such good advice. #PrevChat


Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: #prevchat re scheduled robotweets: i personally do not. I reply to others who do, and they rarely, if ever, respond. Engage authentically


Dr Jeremy Segrott  |  Tiny Klout Flag49  |  ‏@DrJeremySegrott: @coyenator I know this sounds obvious but I try (mostly!) only to tweet when I have something I feel others will be interested in.prevchat#


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Understanding tools + syntax (ex: hanshtags) of the channels used, it’s easy to cut through clutter and have relevant discussion#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: PT @CommunityMGR: Nothing promotes your message like a relevant conversation for all to see and join. #wisdom #PrevChat


Dr Jeremy Segrott  |  Tiny Klout Flag49  |  ‏@DrJeremySegrott: @PrevChat #A4 groups like #prevchat - work across countries. We’ve had a good experience with @acwri. Good use of hashtags important.


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Nothing promotes your message like a relevant conversation for all to see and join. SM is a two-way street, unlike days of MADMEN#PrevChat


Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: #prevchat re 24/7/365: 1am I was in twitter conversation with ppl in Vancouver, & Singapore. It’s 4 o’clock somewhere (tea time!)


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Website = focal-pt for knowledge leadership, and SM is only a tool to distribute awareness of content, you negate time issues. #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Your org’s website should be the HUB of all communications. Your Twitter, FB, videos, etc… should all drive traffic to YOUR site#PrevChat


Dr Jeremy Segrott  |  Tiny Klout Flag49  |  ‏@DrJeremySegrott: @Center_for_AI Thanks! I know that lots of my followers are US-based so tweeting here (UK) in the morning will miss most of them.#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @Center_for_AI A3 yes, how to craft messages that are signal and not just noise? #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: Curious about striking the balance btw promoting own message and engaging? Thoughts? #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: The understanding that your audience may span across time zones is fundamental to your email campaigns as well as social media.#PrevChat


Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: A3: I believe many ppl are bombarded w/ so much that your message to them gets lost thru all the white noise… #prevchat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: @DrJeremySegrott brings up a good point. Understand your audience, their comms preference and location. Timing can be everything. #PrevChat


PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q4 What actions or strategies have you seen work well for bringing staff/peeps together via media/social media? #PrevChat


Virginia Johnson  |  Tiny Klout Flag58  |  ‏@EmpoweredVA: RT @CommunityMGR: Identify Knowledge Leaders org. Encourage to join discussion. Leverage their resource to advocate your msg.#PrevChat


Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: @DrJeremySegrott What a great idea! never thought about using hootsuite to reach those in other time zones! #prevchat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: General knowledge leadership (content) that is not time sensitive –vthe only content I would schedule. The KEY is RELEVANCE…#PrevChat


Bruce Waltuck  |  Tiny Klout Flag56  |  ‏@complexified: #PrevChat A1: communicate with all: shares knowledge, ideas, builds adaptive capacity, resilience, alignment, innovation, trust etc.


Dr Jeremy Segrott  |  Tiny Klout Flag49  |  ‏@DrJeremySegrott: @coyenator I use Hootsuite scheduling to re-send my tweets overnight so they reach people in different timezones. #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Strict or non-existent policies are detrimental to advocacy through social media. Hence the importance of training from Mktg & PR.#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Empowered team members have more “buy-in,” and you never know who they’re connected to, or their friends to. Go beyond UR audience#PrevChat


Virginia Johnson  |  Tiny Klout Flag58  |  ‏@EmpoweredVA: RT @CommunityMGR: Empower staff by educating & keeping them in the loop. Most powerful advocates are within. #PrevChat


PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q3 Where are the challenges in connecting people w/ media/social media? What gets in the way of engaging? #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @CommunityMGR Do you schedule by the week? I’m wondering how far out we can realistically think/prepare/seed? #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Identify Knowledge Leaders in your org. Encourage them to join the discussion. Leverage their resource to advocate your msg.#PrevChat


Virginia Johnson  |  Tiny Klout Flag58  |  ‏@EmpoweredVA: Enjoying the #PrevChat discussion today. Thanks to @coyenator and@CommunityMGR for the online communications tips.


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: @Center_for_AI I use scheduling only for specific content. Conversations can’t be scheduled. @HootSuite when utilized is awesome. #PrevChat


Virginia Johnson  |  Tiny Klout Flag58  |  ‏@EmpoweredVA: RT @CommunityMGR: Com. Management is 24/7/365 job. Internet time diff from real-time, it never stops. Advocacy must not sleep.#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: RT @Center_for_AI: do you think scheduling your tweets & such on hootsuite is not authentic communication w/ your followers?#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Empower staff by educating them and keeping them in the loop on what is coming down the line. Most powerful advocates are within.#PrevChat


Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: do you think scheduling your tweets & such on hootsuite is not ‘authentic’ communication w/ your followers? #prevchat


Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: hootsuite’s dashboard seems overwhelming. I use tools so that when i post on fb a tweet goes out. Any other tools you suggest? #prevchat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Through the mainstream use of SEARCH, people are looking up each other. It’s impossible to separate life from work. You rep BOTH.#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Beginning of Time to 1994-ish = Mktg/Comms/PR Teams managed & the embodied brand. Today, EVERYONE represents your brand.#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @CommunityMGR more important than tools are your practices in managing that much/many. How do you do it? (feels overwhelming)#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @CommunityMGR maybe you could recommend a few tools b4 we close out today James? #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: I manage 10+ brands via iPhone iOS/Email notifications, @HootSuite, Analytics and a solid schedule of how often I check streams#PrevChat


PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q2 What are some ways u use media/social media to empower staff/advocates? #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: True, time management is critical. But there are tools avail. Through software and mobile notifications, it can be done. #PrevChat


Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: @CommunityMGR so glad to have met you through #prevchat - loving the conversation!


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Facebook: Engagement medium for long-form discussion. Empower your trained staff to participate in the discussion. #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Twitter: If you’re using it, your audience expects a “quick” turnaround. Beyond 12-24 hrs is too late. #Knowledge #Leadership #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @CommunityMGR makes for a scary job description James – 24x7x365 :)  #PrevChat


Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: The biggest problem with spreading yourself over numerous methods is time management #prevchat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Community Management is a 24/7/365 job. Internet time is diff from real-time, it never stops. Therefore, advocacy must not sleep.#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: RT @CommunityMGR: Its critical orgs identify individual(s) w/ aptitude to manage online channels-diff expectations across channels#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  | ‏@coyenator: James, what have you seen orgs/coaltions do to breakthrough the silos? #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: It’s critical orgs identify individual(s) with the aptitude to manage online channels. There are diff expectations across channels#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: .@Center_for_AI has diversified their online communications, and I’m sure they’ve realized that each channel has a unique audience#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: I often hear, let someone else do that I don’t have time. Is time the big barrier James? #PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Traditionally, comms in most orgs is siloed. However, to truly be sustainable and grow awareness, everyone must be empowered.#PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: @Center_for_AI Hi Melissa, glad you could join us today – we have@CommunityMGR (James Wong) with us #PrevChat


Center for AI  |  Tiny Klout Flag39  |  ‏@Center_for_AI: Melissa Robaina from sunny but cold Las Vegas and I use several methods of communication and I like them all #prevchat


PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q1 What are some reasons why everyone in your coalition/org would want/need to be involved in communications? #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: LaDonna Coy here from East Texas, and my fave communications method is F2F but online I like twitter. #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: Welcome James — so happy you could join PrevChat today!#PrevChat


James Wong  |  Tiny Klout Flag62  |  ‏@CommunityMGR: Thanks for tuning into #PrevChat for the next hour. It’s a pleasure to be speaking to all of the participating communities and coalitions :)


PrevChat  |  Tiny Klout Flag38  |  ‏@PrevChat: Q0 Welcome to PrevChat. Introduce yourself, where you’re from & a favorite method of communications these days #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: Pause whatever you’re doing for some “brain refreshments” by joining #PrevChat in just 3 minutes #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: come join in @bheretoday since we’re talking communications. You’ll like this conversation #PrevChat #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: Thanks for the note and spreading PrevChat in your circles@vickiebadams we’ll miss your presence & good energy #PrevChat


Vickie B. Adams  |  Tiny Klout Flag45  |  ‏@vickiebadams: Missing #prevchat today :( If you are interested in strengthening coalition communications please join the chat 1pm ET


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: Looking fwd to #PrevChat at top of hour @circlesofsa@vickiebadams @ken_homer @complexified @empoweredva@yourapnc #PrevChat


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: Get ready, get set … #PrevChat starts in 20 min. What have you done that’s helped you strengthen communications? #PrevChat


Virginia Johnson  |  Tiny Klout Flag58  |  ‏@EmpoweredVA: 20 minutes to #PrevChat! Join us as we discuss communication needs for coalitions w/ @CommunityMGR | 11/13 at 1PM EST |http://PrevChat.com 


LaDonna Coy  |  Tiny Klout Flag53  |  ‏@coyenator: Nice to connect with @TABJNC @NAAAPRTP and @yourAPNCwelcome to PrevChat #PrevChat

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