Empowered Ideas Attends #INBOUND12 – The World’s Largest Gathering of Inbound Marketers


INBOUND 2012 by HubSpot
August 27-30, 2012  |  Boston, MA.

Virginia Johnson and I, Co-Founders of Empowered Ideas, recently attended HubSpot’s Inbound 2012 Conference in  Boston, MA.  To properly explain in detail how inspiring and exciting this conference was to us, would take several blog posts to even scratch the surface. HubSpot has successfully pulled off not only the “World’s Largest Gathering of Inbound Marketers,” but also one of the greatest marketing conferences in the last decade.

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A Facebook Response to a Dear Friend

Excerpt from a response I made to a close friend’s Facebook post…

“Since, by definition, new ideas don’t have metrics, the result is that great ideas tend to be stillborn in major companies today… Stasis is death to any organization. Evolve or die: It’s the law of life… Rules that made sense when they were written may well be obsolete. If so, make them extinct too.” — Captain D. Michael Abrashoff

This is a quote from a book I read when I was about your same age, not too long ago. It’s been a critical concept in everything I’ve done in life ever since, and has been key to my personal success.

Great success comes after equal trials in great misfortune, regardless of what anyone says. Don’t always follow the path that others “expect” of you, we all have our own destinies and stories — chapters we write each and every day. Make yours a story worth telling. Make it as unique and as beautiful as you are, and you’ll always find success in life, even during your darkest moments…
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Commencement Speech at ITT-Tech

On June 28, 2012, students from ITT-Technical Institute (Cary, NC) graduated their respective schools in front of over 175 proud parents, family members, friends and professors.

It was an evening filled with laughs, memories, tears and well-wishes, as these graduates embarked on their next phase in their lives — a new journey into the unknown, but with the knowledge and tools they will need to succeed.

I was invited by ITT Technical Institute to deliver the commencement speech at this, one of four graduations each year at the institute. This was a great honor, and I wanted to inspire this group of graduates to find success in their new careers, regardless of the obstacles they will face in the near future.
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Support Local Businesses | Independents Week 2012

Raleigh Celebrates Independents Week | July 1-2

Join Shop Local Raleigh July 1-7 to Celebrate National Independents Week!

Independent businesses help drive the local economy. They add character to our community, and they support sustainability.

National Independents Week – a nationwide effort to raise awareness of independent businesses – is coming up July 1-7.

And remember to shop local July 1-7 for National Independents Week … and always THINK LOCAL FIRST all year long!

For more information, please visit: www.ShopLocalRaleigh.com


Takeaways from the Movie “Larry Crowne”

20120627-024118.jpgLast night, my sister was quite adamant about having Lauren and I watch a movie called “Larry Crowne,” starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

Briefly put, it’s a story about a man who is laid off because he doesn’t have a college degree, and therefore he registers at a local community college to “further his education.”

In lieu of writing yet another critique to go alongside all the other movie reviews floating across the digital sea of opinions, I wanted to actually share some insights into my personal experiences related to this movie.

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