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Internet Strategy Forum 2009

Internet Strategy Forum Summit West
Portland, OR ~ July 23-24th

Executive keynote presenters from Forrester Research, Hewlett-Packard, Intuit, Xerox, Intel, Welchman Pierpoint, Portland Trail Blazers and more; sharing their insights and ideas about Internet strategy — How to best leverage the Internet & integrate it into business strategy.

Having attended this conference last year, I had huge expectations for the 6th Annual Conference, and to my delight, all my expectations were once again satisfied in excess.

Featuring highly respected speakers from some of the world’s most established brands, the Internet Strategy Forum has once again provided a highly detailed and thorough conference which allowed these business giants to share their unique insights into how their organizations have been able to leverage the power of the internet, and to develop their brands and following while decreasing overall marketing expenses through Social Media strategies.

The Featured Speakers & Keynotes Included:

  • Jeremiah Owyang
    Sr. Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Katherine Durham
    VP of Marketing (Imaging & Printing Division), Hewlett-Packard
  • Johan Jervoe
    VP of Creative & Digital Marketing, Intel Corporation
  • Sheila Tolle
    VP of Marketing Small Business, Intuit
  • Duane Schulz
    VP of Interactive Marketing Xerox
  • Lisa Welchman
    Founding Partner, Welchman Pierpoint
  • Chris Dill
    Chief Information Officer, Portland Trail Blazers

As was the case last year, and which I hope to continue in years to come, I posted many of the key points to my Twitter Stream (@CommunityMGR), and the following are the key points which were included in my stream…

  • Amazingly, my @BrightKite posts from #ISF 2008 are still on PG #1 of the Portland Governor Hotel:

  • Katherine Durham, VP of Marketing, Hewlett Packard. 50% of Top10 sites are Social Media related. #ISF09

  • Mobility Trend: 85% of Consumers have Mobile Access. Video Trend: 77% of Americans watched a video last month… #HP #ISF09

  • Review Trend: Instant Credibility via peer reviews. Negative Reviews can actually convert at higher rates due to ALT Peer POV. #HP #ISF09

  • RT @caseorganic People spend 14 hrs/wk or 40% of time online, whereas advertisers are spending 5% of budget online. @KatherineDurham #ISF09

  • HP Success Factors: Maximize Online In-Store Integration, Integrate Social Media, Commit, & Experiment. #HP #ISF09

  • HP Consumer Data: 96% of Consumers Research Online, but 79% of those Consumers still purchase In-Store! #HP #ISF09

  • Social Networking at HP: Listening is good! Talking is good! Collaboration, Sharing, Developing FRIENDS: Trust, Context, Ideas. #HP #ISF09

  • Social Networking: Make it easy…Give to your friends…Tell a story…Share the spotlight…Be a good friend! @KatherineDurham #HP #ISF09

  • Neg. Reviews can drive conversions because what doesn’t work for one consumer, may be PERFECT for another consumer. #HP #ISF09

  • Measurement: Targeted Auduence, Blog Mentions, Tweets, Social Bkmrks? Est baselines and rank. What’s the current tone? Be innovative! #ISF09

  • PPL have always talked about your products, but now what they say is permanent and worldwide. Power shift from Company to Individual. #ISF09

  • CEOs and Journalists are some of the LEAST trusted. Only 30% Trust what Companies say, and are more inclined to trust peers. #Intuit #ISF09

  • New Norm: Voice of Individuals is unleashed. Cost of publishing is $0. Individuals about belonging, self-esteem, self-actualization. #ISF09

  • Fastest growing group on Social Networks (ie: Facebook) are over the age of 45! Social Equillibrium from young to older. #ISF09

  • The Traditional News Cycle is too slow. News outlets are picking up stories days to weeks behind emerging Social Media Channels. #ISF09

  • Channels like Twitter allow companies to help customers WHERE THEY ARE. Personalize with indiv photos, NOT logos as avatars. #Intuit #ISF09

  • “Crashing” other peoples Communities without engaging = FAIL. Choose the SM Communities which contain your audience and engage! #ISF09

  • Top 5 Challenges: Low Budget, Lack of Staff, Lack of Career Path Opportunities, Not High Enough Management Level, Competitive Salary. #ISF09

  • Businesses which fail to realize the importance, role, and potential of the Internets’ impact on business are subject to dying off. #ISF09

  • “Without STANDARDS, Wikipedia would look like most of your websites…” quote by Lisa Welchman ~ Ouch, and yet so true! LOL #ISF09

  • Ice Breaker: “Cursive is a dinosaur language. It’s all about DIGITAL today!” (ie: “idk”) #ISF09

  • Power continues to shift to communities over brands- ultimately resulting in institutions. @jowyang #ISF09
  • Technology Changes > Drives Consumer Behavior > Business Adoption… #ISF09

  • 5 Eras of Social Web: Relationships, Functionality, Colonization, Context, & Commerce #ISF09

  • Linkedin’s Application Framework: The Intranet has been outsourced to Social Networks. “Fishing where the Fish Are…” #ISF09

  • Trend of applications becoming more important than traditional websites. Corporate websites continue to fragment into Communities. #ISF09

  • The Era of Social Context: Social Contracts will emerge. Consumers will share info in exchange for improved experiences. #ISF09

  • Social Networks will become next-generation CRM Systems. Advertising Agencies could flip to representing the Community to Brands. #ISF09

  • SM Challenges to Consider: Privacy, Social Network Burn Out, Legal Issues, Noise from Ambient Intimacy, and Extremism. #ISF09

  • Era of Relationships: Join the conversation where it exists; Fish where the fish are! #ISF09

  • Era of Functionality: Shatter your corporate website; let it spread to the Community. #ISF09

  • Era of Colonization: Focus on advocates, and aggregate the conversation. #ISF09

  • Era of Context: Flexible Websites, and more content inventory. @jowyang #ISF09

  • GI Gen (84+) and Baby Boomers (44-63) are both Generations concerned with things GREATER than themselves… So what happened? #ISF09

  • 28% of the typical workday is interrupted by unwanted info. Most B2B Companies waste the bulk of their digital marketing investment. #ISF09

  • Chris Dill, CTO of the Portland Trail Blazers agrees… there are SERIOUS problems with the C-Level Execs not getting it [trends]. #ISF09

  • When Marketing and IT Departments don’t collaborate on initiatives, you ultimately set your business up for failure… #ISF09


Visualization of the ISF Summit


Shortly after the Internet Strategy Forum Summit West in Portland, OR last week, I stumbled upon an excellent article written by Amber Case that visually graphs the Twitter trends, volume, and buzz from the ISF Conference.

Not surprisingly to myself nor @TaylorBarr, quite a few of my tweets were picked up in this blog post, and I wanted to share it with those interested in tracking and visualizing Twitter trends, volume, and “buzz” resulting from events.

Visualizing the ISF Summit 2009
By Amber Case, a cyborg anthropologist, internet marketer, and speaker from Portland, Oregon.

You can contact her at CaseOrganic[at], or on Twitter at @CaseOrganic.


iContact Karaoke featured in the N&O!

Staff photo by Harry Lynch – Employees James Wong, Taylor Barr and Julie Frye Sanders, left to right, of iContact take their turn on ‘Karaoke Friday’ as they belt the out the words to ‘Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm’ by the Crash Test Dummies.

Starting in early 2009, Taylor Barr and myself decided to host a Karaoke show on Fridays during lunch time, as a way to boost morale and to make Fridays a little more entertaining for our co-workers. Considering the gloomy economic outlook, and the constant bad news in the media today, we figured that we would help to combat those negative feelings through music.

We of course, use the term “music” quite loosely, as karaoke is more of a form of entertainment than it is a musical showcase. Using some karaoke software, a projector, and some speakers, we’ve managed to take a shared past-time, and create a morale boosting experience that truly embodies that culture and spirit of the company we work for, iContact Corporation.

We were especially excited to be featured in this past Sunday’s edition of the News & Observer. The following is a quote from their article:

“At iContact, the recent addition of “Karaoke Fridays” is one way the Durham technology company hopes to keep employees excited about coming to work. The company, which provides e-mail marketing services, is still expanding despite the downturn.”You hear all the stuff about the stock market, job losses,” said Taylor Barr, who helped organize the singing with co-worker James Wong. “This is a great way to boost morale. It gets people smiling.”

The company also holds monthly employee lunches, has free bagels on Mondays and organizes trips to Carolina Hurricanes hockey games and other sporting events. The perks are another way to attract and retain top talent.

The karaoke singing at noon on Fridays is broadcast live online so that workers still at their desks can watch, too.

“It definitely alleviates tension, gives you a sense of camaraderie with your co-workers,” said Julie Frye Sanders, a marketing manager who sang “Love Shack” and several other tunes during a recent Friday session.”

Read the entire article from the News & Observer