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Potential Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords, An Invasion of Privacy?

My two cents on applicants being asked by potential employers for their Facebook passwords

It’s a pure invasion of privacy. If your HR managers can’t find any questionable content on the internet about an applicant, it’s fair to assume they are at least smart enough to not put their dirt on the internet, and just as safe to assume that if hired, they won’t put your company’s dirt online.

Applicants, if faced with this dilemma, I suggest that you ask the CEO for their FB pwd. See what happens, LOL.



Email, and the River That Runs Through It

Article from The iContact Blog, Written By:
James Wong, iContact Communications Manager

In October of 2009, Jessica E. Vascellaro if the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote an article titled “Why Email No Longer Rules…” In her article, Jessica states that “Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over…”

The article cites how a constant stream of communication using social networking channels has become the new and trendy way to communicate. However, to say that email is dead when several industry resources have cited continued industry growth in the email marketing sector, is a bit premature. Social Media is a technological and social trend that is still far too early in its digital infancy to make long term statements about its relevance and longevity as a primary method of communication.

Ultimately, saying that email’s reign is over, is like saying that people should no longer use fax machines due to the advent of printers with integrated scanners. I personally know of several individuals and organizations that still rely heavily on fax machines in lieu of relatively cheap scanner technology available today.

The River That Runs Through It
Social networking channels like Twitter and Facebook have fueled the public’s interest in up-to-the-moment updates and news feeds from their friends on these networks. These individual networks act as “streams” of information, and most internet savvy users have started using stream aggregators that combine streams from various networks into one primary river of updates. Jessica quoted David Liu, an executive at AOL, referring to this constant stream of social updates as “a river that continues to flow as you dip into it.”

Unfortunately, like a fisherman fishing for rainbow trout swimming up and down a river, following conversations and capturing relevant information requires constant review of the stream. This has become a heavy burden in regards to time consumption by many internet users, some of which have already started to take a hiatus from their favorite social networks.

The Hub
While a majority of internet users that use social networking channels are sticking around for the long haul, this internet communication trend has hardly killed or ended the reign of email, especially when you consider the fact that every single social network requires a valid email address to create a user account. With the integration of social networks with mobile devices, email has become even more important, as internet users struggle to keep up with private messages, friend requests, comments and updates from their friends on various networks.

Therefore, instead of laying down and throwing in the proverbial “towel,” email has actually transformed into a communication hub that bridges almost all of an internet user’s social networks. Weekly updates from services like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and many others (including the hundreds of applications available for each network), have brought back to life the need to have and maintain a healthy inbox.

The Take Away
Email is in fact, still alive and growing strong. Internet users will always have the need to share private conversations, file attachments and sign up for various online communities, services and websites. Without a centralized hub for communication, all that would be left are scattered channels of communication requiring an even more excessive amount of time to check for new updates, messages, and updates. Similar to services like AOL’s Lifestream, which aggregates multiple network streams into one, email consolidates notifications from all your social networks into one consolidated private channel — your inbox.


Facebook Idiocy: Mediocrity in the Cloud

Facebook has long been the premier social networking community for those interested in sharing their personal experiences and wisdom with their inner circle of friends.

However, since it’s introduction to the general masses, and Facebook’s market dominance over the MySpace generation, the level of quality posts and intelligent conversations taking place within the Facebook Community have dramatically decreased.

Facebook users have become incredibly frustrated with Facebook App Spam, comment spam, harassing users/stalkers, and a multitude of other user produced annoyances.

I too, find myself overly frustrated with such daily annoyances that I’ve found myself in desperate need of purging users from my Facebook network. I’ve humorously titled this activity as “Spring Cleaning” on Facebook.

While some individuals completely understand my frustrations, others (typically the offending users), question the validity of my frustrations. It is to these clueless individuals, that I posted the following response:

It’s not that I don’t care about people, it’s the fact that some people [on Facebook] are like clockwork…
- Moaning and groaning during ALL holidays.
- Buy frivolous things while unemployed.
- Complain about financial problems, but attend “can’t miss” concerts & shows.
- Pissed-off during Valentines Day & Christmas, as if it was our fault they were single.
- 90% of their updates are: “I miss my _______ so much!”
- Failure to follow through, even when people try to help them.
- 95% of the updates vomited onto Facebook are from applications.

The level of idiotic comments and posts on Facebook have reached such epic proportions, that there’s even a Facebook spoof site called, which is filled with posts and comments so ridiculous, it’s earned itself a permanent place in the Facebook Community, with posts and re-posts growing rampant throughout the Facebook Community.

If you fall within three or more of the above grievances I’ve stated above, or you’ve been featured on more than once, you may want to consider finding a community more accepting of your idiotic ramblings. Consider the daily frustrations you’re causing your fellow “friends” on Facebook, and most likely other networks, and think about tuning down your rants. While many of your friends might not have figured out where the “remove from friends button” is located (bottom left corner of your profile page), you may want to take into consideration the thoughts and behind-the-scenes comments they are most likely saying about you and your profile.

Facebook Tips:

  • Remember, everything you post on Facebook (and on the internet) is PERMANENT. It’s crawled by search engines, it’s cached by systems like the Internet Time Machine, and it’s available to virtually anyone willing to search hard enough. Facebook is a great networking tool, but networking has the potential to produce both positive and negative results.
  • Be weary of what you’re contributing to the Community, because in fact, everything you post is indeed a contribution to the Facebook Community. Rest assured that those individuals that flood mediocrity, and especially idiocy into the Facebook Cloud, are indeed noticed.
  • If you don’t know the person requesting a friend connection, ignore it. If they continue to friend request you, message them to find out why, or simply leave them in your requests list. I call this “Facebook Purgatory,” because if you never ACCEPT or IGNORE their request, they stay in a PENDING status and cannot send another request.
  • Consider carefully who you TAG in your posts and photos, and take into consideration whether or not the individuals would want their friends being able to see the content you’re tagging them in, because rest assured, their friends will be able to see it; thus also exposing your entire album content to their friends.
  • Regularly “purge” your friends according to whether or not you really want to “stay connected.” We all have individuals of whom we consider acquaintances, but lack the type of friendship level to want to see their daily updates.
  • Facebook should not be a numbers game. Having 500+ friends is unrealistic, and simply becomes a Facebook Feed nightmare. Stay connected with only those you truly care about following and whom are entertaining enough to filter through. Don’t be afraid to “un-friend” individuals. It’s unlikely they’ll even notice.
  • RESPECT is a two-way street. Give respect if you expect to receive it in return. Just because you’d say it online, doesn’t negate the fact that at some point in your lifetime, you may end up having to explain yourself to that person face-to-face…

Facebook Sync vs. SmartSync iPhone App

Facebook recently launched their long-awaited 3.1 update for the Apple iPhone 3.0 OS, which finally includes Push Notifications and a new Contact Syncing function that syncs your iPhone’s address book with your facebook contact data.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications via your iPhone will finally allow Facebook to send you those nifty little SMS-like messages to notify you on such things as new messages, wall posts, friend requests, friend confirmations, photo tags, events, and comments.

It may be worth taking some time to customize your notification settings as to avoid being spammed too heavily by Facebook though.

Contact/Address Book Syncing

While this is a welcome and much needed utility for those of us that use Facebook to maintain personal connections over vast distances, the native Facebook Address Book Sync seems rather elementary compared to a third-party application that I use called SmartSync.

Native Facebook Sync Settings

SmartSync Sync Settings

SmartSync Sync Settings

Native Facebook iPhone Application

Settings only allow you to specify whether or not you’d like the app to overwrite the existing contact photos for any contacts that Facebook syncs with your iPhone’s address book.

SmartSync iPhone Application

Allows you to specify a far greater selection of options to customize the way Facebook contact data is synced with your iPhone Address Book.

Photo Syncing settings allow you to not only specify whether or not to replace existing photos in your address book, but also specify the size and image quality of the contact photos.

SmartSync also allows you to customize the data which is syncing between Facebook and your iPhone Address Book, whereas the native Facebook Application automatically syncs all data without user customizable options.

SmartSync iPhone Application

SmartSync iPhone Application

SmartSync Unmatched Contact Options

SmartSync Unmatched Contact Options

Facebook Sync - FB Homepage Syncing

Facebook Sync - FB Homepage Syncing

SmartSync Upcoming Birthdays

SmartSync Upcoming Birthdays


Bojangles’ Brand Evangelism…

A Bojangles’ T-Shirt & a $10 Gift Card, overnighted via FedEx

First of all, I want to preface this blog post by saying that I am in no way an official representative nor promoter of Bojangles’, though many of my friends may say otherwise. I am merely an individual that believes in evangelizing brands in which I believe in, and that I actually use in real life (both online and offline).

Bojangles is one of those brands that I fully evangelize whenever I can, because I truly love the way that they manage and promote their brand. If you’re not aware of what Bojangles’ is, I am proud to say that they are a North Carolina original. Bojangles’ is a restaurant which is famous for their Cajun Fried Chicken, mouth-watering seasoned fries, “dirty” rice, and award-winning sweet tea (among a menu full of other tasty entrees).

So why would I bother myself with evangelizing a fried chicken restaurant? Well why not? Isn’t that the point of Social Media and Marketing? As a consumer, I truly enjoy not only the food at Bojangles’, but the level of service and professional courtesy that they give my friends and I each and every time we visit one of their restaurants. I frequent Bojangles’ in Raleigh, Apex, and Durham weekly, and have always been given exceptional service (with a smile too!).

Bojangles’ is one of the few “fast food” restaurants that actively tells you that “sure, it’s okay to leave your tray on the table, we’ll clean that right up for you…” Of course, being that I have worked fast food in my “younger” teen years, I never leave my tray at the table. Instead, I gladly clean up after myself and take my tray up to the trash receptacles, where an attendant almost always greets me with a “Oh, you didn’t have to do that. I was going to get it for you.”

Most importantly to my line of work, Bojangles’ is a true pioneer in the Social Media realm of advertising, marketing, and promotions. Not only has Bojangles’ invested resources into their website, but they have invested enormous time and effort into building large groups of fans on various websites.

Bojangles’ has “home grown” a fan base of over 27,000 fans on Facebook, which is an amazing feet for a Fried Chicken restaurant. They have User Generated Content (UGC) like photos on Flickr, and videos on YouTube which loyal Bojangles’ fans have created to show their appreciation for a brand that is important to them. They have even amassed over 300 followers on Twitter, where they engage directly with their followers.

Bojangles’ has successfully engaged and incorporated their customer’s opinions into their recent launch of their Fish Fillet sandwich in select markets, by posting questions and listening to their fans.

Bojangles’ has even tapped into their fan-base by utilizing small but effective contests on their Facebook and Twitter channels. Just yesterday, Bojangles’ posted the following post on their Bojangles’ Fan Page:

“OK, we hope everyone is ready! First, thank you for loving Bojangles’ so much. We couldn’t have any better fans than you guys:) So with that…… The first 20 fans that tell us why they love Bojangles’ will get a Bojangles’ T-shirt and $10 Bojangles’ gift card. Thanks again for being the best fans ever!!”

There were over 150 comments made under that Facebook post! Of course, as a loyal Bojangles’ Fan, I had to comment on that Facebook post with “It’s all about the Yellow Box! :) ” …and sure enough, along came Mr. FedEx this morning with a package from that company with the delicious yellow boxes, Bojangles’! Enclosed, as promised, was my free T-Shirt and a $10 Gift Card, courtesy of my friends over there at the Boj’! LOL! Thanks! :)

So, what is the lesson to be learned here?

Regardless of whether or not you are a Fortune 500 Corporation, or a small “mom and pop” shop, or even a Cajun Fried Chicken restaurant; if you’re not utilizing Social Media channels to grow Brand Reputation, promote Brand Ambassadors/Evangelists, expand your Online Properties, create and manage Conversations about your Brand, or to simply reach out and LISTEN to your customers (and potential customers), you need to take a look at Bojangles’ and see what you could be missing out on.

In today’s economy, social media is opening the eyes of large and small companies alike. Businesses are no longer telling their customers who they are anymore… Businesses are what their customers SAY THEY ARE.

In my opinion, Captain D. Michael Abrashoff says it best:

“Since, by definition, new ideas don’t have metrics, the result is that great ideas tend to be stillborn in major companies today… Stasis is death to any organization. Evolve or die: It’s the law of life…”