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A Quick “How-To” Guide for iPhone iOS4

iOS4, the latest version of the iPhone Operating System has finally been released to the public — for free.

After updating my iPhone 3GS’s firmware to the new iOS4, I immediately realized that as always, the new functionality isn’t really intuitive for most users.

So Here’s a Brief “How-To” Guide for iOS4:

Device Compatibility

The new iOS 4 update will not work for the following devices:

  • Original iPhone
  • First 2 Generations of iPod Touch Devices

iOS4 is verified to be compatible with:

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • 2009 iPod Touch (3rd-generation)
  • iPhone 4


The availability of this feature is only for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices.  Simply double tap your home button while running a program, and the screen slide upward to reveal your “task manager” style menu.  This allows you to quickly switch between programs.  You can swipe on these icons to scroll rightwards through all of the open applications four at a time, tapping to switch between them, or holding down on any one of them to bring up red circles that stop the selected application immediately.

Application Folders

Simply drag and drop an application into another application, and iOS4 will automatically create an application folder.  You can rename the folder to your preferences and add additional applications into the folder as you wish.  Folders can be moved much like an individual application can.

Mail Updates

iOS4 includes the addition of a “All Inboxes” folder, as well as the separation of “Inboxes” verses “Accounts.”  Apple calls it the “unified inbox,” the aggregation of multiple email account inboxes into a single scrolling list that’s also described as “All Inboxes,” removing your need to check separate accounts by tapping multiple times and flipping from inbox to inbox.  Messages are now threaded, similarly to how Gmail handles threaded “email conversations.”  You can turn off the threaded email feature by going to SETTINGS < MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDAR < ORGANIZE BY THREAD.

iPhone Wallpaper

Your wallpaper is now visible behind your icons.  You can change this by going to SETTINGS < WALLPAPER.

Internet Tethering

You can share your iPhone’s Internet Connection with your computer via Bluetooth or USB, but this will incur additional fees via AT&T.  Simply go to: SETTINGS < NETWORK < SET UP INTERNET TETHERING.

Cellular Data

This may have been an existing setting, but I don’t remember it, so I’ll mention it.  If you go to SETTINGS < NETWORK < CELLULAR DATA, it appears that you can have some control over when your phone is allowed to access data via AT&T’s DATA network.


Runkeeper Review: iPhone Fitness, Training, & Tracking

RunKeeper is a mobile fitness application that makes fitness tracking and training easier to use and more fun. Currently, it’s only available on the iPhone, specifically the 3G and 3GS versions due to the use of GPS functionality for tracking speed and altitude.

Since @LaurenWong and I have recently picked up cycling, we decided to go for a night ride through Apex Community Park & Lake in Apex, NC. I decided to finally give RunKeeper a real test, since I had installed this application months ago, but hadn’t had a reason to test it out.

As you can see from the iPhone screen captures below, the GPS tracking isn’t perfect, but for a free application, it did a great job of tracking our speed, location, pace, and altitude. RunKeeper has settings for various activities like Running, Cycling, Walking, Hiking, Downhill Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Snowboarding, and Skating.

All of the data is displayed in various graphs available on the website. Through Twitter, Facebook, and Social Bookmarking services, you’ll be able to quickly and easily share your adventure with all of your friends.

2009-10-01 Runkeeper_Graph2009-10-01 Runkeeper_Map

2009-10-01 Speed vs Elevation

2009-10-01 RunKeeper_Stats

While I’m not training for a marathon or cycling competition, I can easily see how this data can be beneficial to those who are. The various activity settings allow for specific tracking of the sports/activities you enjoy.

The application itself is very easy and intuitive to use. There are large buttons which help when engaged in your physical activity. You can still listen to your iPod Music Library while you workout, and there’s both a manual PAUSE button, as well as an automatic PAUSE for incoming phone calls and text messages. Simply RESUME your activity after you’re done with the call/message.

The Mph display and Miles traveled data is useful for me personally, but RunKeeper does appear to lack the ability to track steps (pedometer), though this doesn’t really affect the activities that I’ll be using RunKeeper for. This feature may be hidden in some of the other settings, but if not, it would be a great add-on to the RunKeeper application.

Overall, I enjoyed using RunKeeper for our late night cycling adventure, and we plan to use it for all of our future adventures, so check it out at!


Trapster 3.5 iPhone App Review

trapster_big_3.5Trapster is a mobile-device based application and website, which integrates social networking and crow- sourcing perfectly.

The application is provided for free, and it utilizes Google maps for GPS mapping.

Trapster maps out and alerts users in real time about user reported:

  • LIVE Police Speed Traps
  • Red Light Cameras
  • Speed Cameras
  • Areas Police are Known to Often Hide

The application also allows users to:

  • Access iPod Music Library
  • Record Trip Data
  • Share Data via SM Sites like Facebook & Twitter

Trapster currently works with Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Android, Garmin, and TomTom devices.

Coming Soon: Palm Pre & Windows Mobile Devices.

The mobile application utilizes Wi-Fi or GPS to pinpoint the user’s location, and provides voice alerts or text messages when the user is within range of a reported “threat.” Threats are rated and weighted by the number of users that “agree” or “disagree” with reported traps.

Trapster Version 3.5 iPhone Application Review

Those of you that follow me on Twitter, @NauticalUrge, know that I am an avid Trapster evangelist. I make a sincere effort to post traps whenever I can safely do so. Therefore, I am excited to say that Trapster 3.5 is a most welcome update to an already great application.

Dynamic Directional Mapping vs. True North Mapping

A feature that many Trapster users have been asking for has finally been added to Trapster, is the ability to choose between True North and Direction-of-Travel Mapping. Choosing the latter allows you to have your direction of travel face up on the map, so that you can more easily see what is coming ahead of you when headed a direction other than North.

Additional Bluetooth Audio Options

This is a feature I don’t personally utilize, but it’s a convenient feature for those with the accessories to do so. Trapster is now capable of various in-car bluetooth setups like being able to push audio out via A2DP, or via other bluetooth audio accessories. Trapster automatically pauses your music during voice alerts and notifications.

Access to iPod Music Controls

Trapster now has a built-in function that allows access to your iPod Music Controls. This prevents accidental application closures when trying to double-tap to get to your iPod music. Your music can either automatically pause for voice alerts, or you can have the voice alerts play over your music.

Trapster Trips

Recording trips within Trapster has gotten much easier with a static icon placed on the main screen, which allows for quick and easy posting of trip photo and notes.

Real-Time Traffic via Google

Google utilizes data from it’s users to display real-time traffic data, and Trapster utilizes this data in their latest application update.

Multi-Language Support & Sound Themes

Trapster’s voice alerts are now available in different languages and themes, such as a “Austin Powers,” “Homer,” or “Sponge Bob.”

Notes from the Author

Trapster is one of my favorite iPhone applications, and many of my friends follow my tweets and use the application to simply be aware of known traps, but as you’ll find with many users and non-users, opinions about the application are mixed. Some people are of the opinion that Trapster encourages motorists to violate traffic safety laws, while others believe that Trapster actually assists law enforcement by allowing the motorists to encourage each other to slow down in specific areas.

Law Enforcement officials too are divided on the issue. Many local law enforcement officers whom I’ve spoken to approve of the application because it ultimately produces the same desired results as police officers expect, but with much less labor-intensive hours devoted to tickets and court-cases; thus freeing law enforcement officers to focus on actual crimes in the area.

Personally, Trapster serves the same purpose as Speed Limit signs and Mobile Radar Stations. The ultimate goal is to encourage motorists to SLOW DOWN and pay more attention. Having a dash mounted mobile device providing voice alerts is not more than an audible speed limits sign saying “Please slow down and pay attention!”

There have been multiple discussions on whether or not Trapster should be illegal, and whil it currently is NOT illegal, I doubt very much that the application itself could be “banned,” as it would in essence violate individuals’ freedom of speech and expression.

However, Trapster could very well find itself once again in the spotlight if States consider mobile applications to fall under these new laws against texting while driving. Only time will tell as to the future of such mobile applications, but for now my hat goes off to the Trapster Team for developing such a useful and full-featured mobile application that actually produces a valuable benefit to users.
Download the Application to iTunes Today!


iPhone 3G Officially Available!

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

Apple’s long awaited iPhone 3G finally hit the markets today, spurring a huge influx of businessmen, women, and the general public to Cingular/AT&T stores nationwide. Thanks to local Social Media celebrity Wayne Sutton, video clips of people waiting in line for the iPhone can be found at:

For those interested in daily updated information on iPhone availability at Apple Retail locations, check out this link:

I personally will not be an “early adopter” of the newest, and even less cost-effective, iPhone gadget. Instead, I’m looking to save and smartly invest my hard earned gadget cash on whatever new “Super Smart” phone comes to market later this year.

Apple’s iPhone has set the bar and pace for the mass migration of the general public, into the seemingly endless possibilities which small electronics are capable of. What will we see next in mobile communications and technology? Maybe full integration of payment delivery programs? Mainly, the ability to use your phone as a RF credit card with encryption, as opposed to a fairly unchallenged plastic card?

Maybe it can serve as a digital “key,” paired with touch screen fingerprint verification technologies. The future of mobile electronics truly does seem endless, and I for one plan to be in as much of it as I can. The iPhone 3G however, does not boast enough differences (outside of the 3G and GPS features), to warrant the ravaging that AT&T and Apple would once again enflict upon my wallet.