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Empowered Ideas Hosts Linkedin Live Raleigh at the Brier Creek Country Club

On Tuesday, October 9th, 2012, Empowered Ideas will be hosting the last Linkedin Live Raleigh Business Networking Social at the beautiful Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh, NC.

This no-cost networking event proudly supports Make-A-Wish Eastern North Carolina, through generous donations provided by our participants.


Perry Williams, NY Giants SuperBowl Champion

Perry Williams, New York Giants SuperBowl XXI & XXIII Champion!
…at LinkedIn Live Raleigh.  FTW!  #LILR


Social Media Strategies for Businesses

Social Media Strategies for Businesses
November 8th, 2008 @ Meredith College in Raleigh, NC

This past weekend, I had the honor of co-speaking with Chuck Hester (Director of Communications, iContact Corporation) to some MBA students and Alumni at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.

While I have had many friends and colleagues graduate from Meredith College, I had not truly had the opportunity to see the campus, especially in the daylight. Meredith is a truly beautiful campus, and is almost like a small village set within the busy whirlwind of Raleigh city life.

We started speaking around 9AM, and by 12PM had wrapped up a three hour presentation that briefly covered mainstream Social Media channels such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and various Social Book Marking tools such as Digg and Chuck presented an excellent detail presentation of how the various features of LinkedIn

could help business professionals to expand their network, while also self-branding individuals as industry experts and key individuals.

I presented on an overview of Social Media, touching on popular services like Twitter, and how large coroporations are starting to participate in conversations online, while also investing in proprietary SM properties for their clientel. I also briefly covered Social Media ROI and measurement challenges.


Lauren and I at ConvergeSouth 2008…

Lauren & James @ConvergeSouth 2008
Lauren & James Wong at ConvergeSouth 2008 in Greensboro, NC

Lead Generation through Social Media Channels

I responded to a discussion forum (Social Media Marketing Group) on yesterday, and received a great inquiry this morning in response to my post about Social Media Strategy…

“You make avery good point regarding Brand Reputation Management. However, do you think that social media has a place in lead generation as well? “

Social Media can definitely assist lead generation, but only as a supportive role. Only in a few niche industries can you generate direct lead generation through Social Media channels. The majority of industries must be wise to avoid using Social Media channels alone to achieve lead generation.

ROI through Social Media involves the tricky balance between:

1. Brand Quality – Do you have a product/service that can withstand customer review? If not, then participating in Social Media could be potentially devastating to your organization.

2. Online Reputation Management – Are you willing to listen and value your clients suggestions, inquiries, and feedback? If not, Social Media is NOT for your organization.

3. Brand Reputation Management & Equity – Do your clients and potential clients value your brand? Do they trust your brand as a quality product/service, and do they value your knowledge of your product as an industry leader? Social Media is about connecting with clients and potential clients and providing them with value through knowledge and resources. If you can fulfill this, then you have built a positive brand equity, and your leads will look to you as a resource, and not as just another company trying to “sell them.”

Use Social Media only as a supplement to another type of eMarketing strategy (ie: Blogs, Knowledge Articles, Newsletters, Email Newsletters, etc…). Once you have a strong eMarketing Strategy in place, then you can utilize Social Media channels to supplement your eMarketing Strategy by driving targeted traffic to those eMarketing channels. Having a well crafted call to action in your destination content will lead to effective conversion of generated leads from Social Media channels.