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Email, and the River That Runs Through It

Article from The iContact Blog, Written By:
James Wong, iContact Communications Manager

In October of 2009, Jessica E. Vascellaro if the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote an article titled “Why Email No Longer Rules…” In her article, Jessica states that “Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over…”

The article cites how a constant stream of communication using social networking channels has become the new and trendy way to communicate. However, to say that email is dead when several industry resources have cited continued industry growth in the email marketing sector, is a bit premature. Social Media is a technological and social trend that is still far too early in its digital infancy to make long term statements about its relevance and longevity as a primary method of communication.

Ultimately, saying that email’s reign is over, is like saying that people should no longer use fax machines due to the advent of printers with integrated scanners. I personally know of several individuals and organizations that still rely heavily on fax machines in lieu of relatively cheap scanner technology available today.

The River That Runs Through It
Social networking channels like Twitter and Facebook have fueled the public’s interest in up-to-the-moment updates and news feeds from their friends on these networks. These individual networks act as “streams” of information, and most internet savvy users have started using stream aggregators that combine streams from various networks into one primary river of updates. Jessica quoted David Liu, an executive at AOL, referring to this constant stream of social updates as “a river that continues to flow as you dip into it.”

Unfortunately, like a fisherman fishing for rainbow trout swimming up and down a river, following conversations and capturing relevant information requires constant review of the stream. This has become a heavy burden in regards to time consumption by many internet users, some of which have already started to take a hiatus from their favorite social networks.

The Hub
While a majority of internet users that use social networking channels are sticking around for the long haul, this internet communication trend has hardly killed or ended the reign of email, especially when you consider the fact that every single social network requires a valid email address to create a user account. With the integration of social networks with mobile devices, email has become even more important, as internet users struggle to keep up with private messages, friend requests, comments and updates from their friends on various networks.

Therefore, instead of laying down and throwing in the proverbial “towel,” email has actually transformed into a communication hub that bridges almost all of an internet user’s social networks. Weekly updates from services like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and many others (including the hundreds of applications available for each network), have brought back to life the need to have and maintain a healthy inbox.

The Take Away
Email is in fact, still alive and growing strong. Internet users will always have the need to share private conversations, file attachments and sign up for various online communities, services and websites. Without a centralized hub for communication, all that would be left are scattered channels of communication requiring an even more excessive amount of time to check for new updates, messages, and updates. Similar to services like AOL’s Lifestream, which aggregates multiple network streams into one, email consolidates notifications from all your social networks into one consolidated private channel — your inbox.


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Twitter, An Epic #FAIL Tale

If you’re like many of us, it’s not hard to realize that Twitter has been experiencing the worst string of downtime since October of 2009.

“From a site stability and service outage perspective, it’s been Twitter’s worst month since last October.”

A Whale of a Problem

Last Friday, Twitter’s Support and Engineering Teams indicated that they had identified some major issues with their software and infrastructure.  The Twitter team has been working to tweaks to their system in order to provide greater reliability, speed, and stability during a period of sustained excessive traffic from international sports spectators (World Cup).

The problem is that while they were investigating the root causes of the issues, they uncovered “unexpected deeper issues and have even caused inadvertent downtime as a result of our attempts to make changes.”

How Long Will Service Be Unpredictable?

Twitter reports that it will be at least two weeks before service is restored to peak performance. However, until repairs and patches are implemented, Twitter services (web and API) will likely be unavailable much of this time, especially during peak tweet times.

What Can We Do?

One of the best things we as free users of Twitter can do, is to limit our effect on Twitter by reducing the amount of “noise” we flood on to Twitter.  This would be a great time to refocus our energy to writing more detailed blog posts about the things we’re passionate about.  Instead of 20-30 140 character tweets, why not write a blog post that delves deeper into the topic at hand?

Of course, it never hurts to take a short hiatus from the online world into the offline “REAL” world…

*If you enjoyed this article, or even if you didn’t, please feel free to leave a comment below!


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RT @iAmJulie: My workplace is total nerdy-coolness… Just launched iContact’s email marketing iPhone app! It’s offish! 11:44 AM May 12th via txt

RT @iContactCorp: Introducing iContact for iPhone/iPod Touch! Manage your email campaigns from anywhere while on-the-go! 9:18 AM May 12th via Twitter for iPhone

Tune Out the Static in your Mobile Marketing Buzz: @ShepherdFX, Sr Apple Sys Engr. at @TIMA_NC. 9:03 AM May 12th via Twitter for iPhone

Headed to the @TIMA_NC‘s Lunch & Learn: Francis Shepherd, Apple Sr Sys Engineer… 8:25 AM May 12th via txt

RT @TIMA_NC: Will we see you there? RT @GregoryNg: Who else is going to the @TIMA_NC Lunch and Learn today? 7:33 AM May 12th via txt

It was great meeting so many new and interesting people at Linkedin LIVE Raleigh tonight! Looking forward to great business opportunities! 6:10 PM May 11th via Twitter for iPhone

RT @iContactCorp: Ryan Allis of @iContact honored as one of the 2009 Ten Outstanding Young Americans (TOYA). | Video: 1:47 PM May 11th via Seesmic

RT iContactCorp: Three Things to Think About Before Expansion: Tips for business owners looking to grow! | 10:06 AM May 11th via Seesmic

RT @iContactCorp: Use iContact Code: 20ICO for 20% off any 1 or 2-day Conference Pass, and visit them at Booth #507, August 16-20 at SES SF! 10:13 AM May 10th via Seesmic

RT @NauticalUrge: Headed home to work on the three new blog designs. w00t! w00t! 2:06 PM May 7th via API

Today was picture day here at iContact. Here are a few candids I snapped during the event! Photos: 1:59 PM May 6th via Seesmic

Had a WONGTASTIC time playing pickup ice hockey with @JeffreyGray and Lee Eason. The perfect ending to a perfect day! #FTW 6:13 PM May 5th via Twitter for iPhone

Enjoying a day with my fellow MARCOM Team members. Celebrating two solidly succeessful months! :) 1:42 PM May 5th via txt

If you’ll be at Web 2.0 West today or tomorrow, please stop by the iContact Booth #721 to see Jonathan, Cory & Mike! 7:11 AM May 4th via Seesmic


@CommunityMGR’s Twitter Archive: April 2010

  1. RT @TIMA_NC: Did you hear? Apple (yes, that Apple) is coming to town May 12 for our Lunch&Learn. Hotel Indigo. See you there! http://ow. … 1:06 PM Apr 29th via txt
  2. Survey Reveals the Dominance of Social Media Marketing – #iContact #BusinessFuel 10:43 AM Apr 29th via Seesmic

  3. Attending #WWW2010 in Raleigh, NC today? Stop by the iContact booth and say hello to Josh and Christina! 12:29 PM Apr 28th via txt

  4. RT @WayneSutton: New post:: Confirmed iPad Camera Connection kits available at Apple Stores at least in Raleigh, NC 3:27 PM Apr 27th via Seesmic

  5. NC 501c3 Non-Profits w/ < 10K subscribers who want to use iContact pro bono: Email me about our 4-1s CSR Program… jwong@iContact[dot]com 12:47 PM Apr 26th via Seesmic

  6. Congrats to my “lil’ sister” (@AviatorChick102) for passing her tests and finally becoming an official North Carolina CNA! w00t! w00t! :) 12:16 PM Apr 26th via Seesmic

  7. @JodiePait Thank you for your referral. Had a long chat with Greg, and we’ll be using his services for our company photo next month. :) 12:06 PM Apr 26th via Seesmic

  8. RT @CEDNC: CEO and the volcano – RTP Entrepreneur finds his way home cc: @RyanAllis @iContactCorp 12:04 PM Apr 26th via Seesmic

  9. Enjoying 10 mins of Standup Comedy by @iContactCorp‘s very own, @JeffreyGray! #TGIF #FTW 3:01 PM Apr 23rd via txt

  10. Thanks to the hard work of the entire iContact Team for a great March. MARCOM just celebrated w/ a luncheon at the Cheesecake Factory, #FTW! 2:15 PM Apr 23rd via Twitter for iPhone

  11. iContact’s @RyanAllis returns from the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship Conference and is featured on WRAL. 9:51 AM Apr 23rd via Seesmic

  12. RT @M00RE: Looking for a great Marketing Campaign Manager in the Raleigh-Durham area to join the iContact Marketing team! 5:39 PM Apr 22nd via txt

  13. Looking for a reliable photographer in the Triangle area that specializes in large group photos. Please RT, thanks! 3:08 PM Apr 22nd via Seesmic

  14. “There’s opportunity in adversity. Most money look alike, but choosing the right Investor that understands & supports you is KEY!” DW #V 9:09 AM Apr 22nd via txt

  15. Integrity, Respect for Individuals, Customer Service, & Excellence… The CORE fundamentals of successful businesses. #Venture10 9:01 AM Apr 22nd via txt

  16. Dick Williams: “The BEST Entrepreneurs & Investors are inquisitive. If you are not, then you’re not a real Entrepreneur.” #Venture10 8:59 AM Apr 22nd via txt

  17. The lack of Internet in Pinehurst is upsetting. Even now, I feel like my SMS msgs are going through binary on stringed cans. #Venture10 7:52 AM Apr 22nd via txt

  18. “Can’t bid on the IPO Mkt.” Create Dev Programs w/ 6-7 targeted prospects yrs ahead. When it’s time, the relationship exists. #Venture10 2:27 PM Apr 21st via txt

  19. Worst mistake according to Venture Capital Panel: CEOs getting tangled up w/ Corp Dev instead of working close w/ Product Dev. #Venture10 2:21 PM Apr 21st via txt

  20. Finished setting up the iContact booth at the CED Conference, hosted at the Pinehurst Resort. – Photo: #VENTURE10 12:23 PM Apr 21st via Twitter for iPhone

  21. Trivial Goal Accomplished: Eating “lunch on Capitol Hill.” LOL! – Photo: 4:24 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  22. RT @RaleighNews & @BraddyG: Amazon Files Lawsuit Against N.C. Dept. Of Revenue (BG: Go get ‘em, Amazon) 1:48 PM Apr 20th via txt

  23. Shana Glickfield: Reach the MOST amt of people, using “LoFi” like Email & SMS, still works & penetrates every population market! #POLC2010 1:41 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  24. @superaardvark Desktop & Mobile Tech adoption by the general populous is yrs behind, including social comfort w/ Video Mail + Conferencing. 1:36 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to superaardvark

  25. @superaardvark Many Social Media & Comm Expts (early adopters) have started integrating heavier into Live Video, Video Conf., & Video Mail. 1:35 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to superaardvark

  26. #Aol. used as an example of brands that have successfully survived by EVOLVING (ie: Dialup to Communities to Advertising) #POLC2010 #FTW! 1:15 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  27. Early Adopters moving on from Twitter, but majority of new users are sticking around. Communication mediums are yrs long cycles. #POLC2010 1:12 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  28. Internet is a Social Interaction medium. Success depends on integration. YouTube allows for Social = Survival. Vimeo, not as much. #POLC2010 1:07 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  29. Chat Roulette being discussed as a case study of what fundamental concepts work. Imagine a C.R. discussion w/ local politicians. #POLC2010 1:03 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  30. What makes SM Communities Stick? Viral Loops; Games; User Experience; Integration w/ where the ppl are; Communication (esp Email!) #POLC2010 12:58 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  31. RT @Coastal24 Sign that checks are dead? A woman tried to pay for lunch w/ one. From the reaction, you’d think she was bartering w/ a goat! 12:53 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  32. Mark Drapeau of Microsoft talking about Ning’s positive potential, even while ditching free sites. Thinks Vimeo is a dying tool?!?#POLC2010 12:50 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  33. Session: Which SM Tools & Sites Will Live and Which Will Surely Die? Panel: Microsoft, David All, BeeKeeper, Shiny Heart Ventures. #POLC2010 12:48 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  34. Check out the Aol. Booth at the #POLC2010 Conference, and thank them for sponsoring the Coffee breaks. The Aol. coffee mugs are great! :) 12:26 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  35. @ChuckHester HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCKLES! :) 12:08 PM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone

  36. iContactCorp

    Attending ad:tech San Francisco today? Stop by the iContact Booth 6147 to see Christina, Clair, Evan & Neil! 10:27 AM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone Retweeted by you

  37. @aviatorchick102 Only follow my @NauticalUrge acct for PERSONAL tweets. @CommunityMGR is what I use to talk BUSINESS. Love ya lil’ sis! :P ~ 12:09 AM Apr 20th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to aviatorchick102

  38. Honored to meet Keynote Speaker, Brad Hunstable, Founder of Ustream at the Politics Online Conf. #POLC2010 – Photo: 7:00 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  39. Over 40 tweets, almost 9 hrs, a Panel Discussion, and 3 full iPhone battery packs later; I’m still here @POLC2010, LOL! Then dinner w/ @AOL. 4:49 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  40. Next: Tools of the Future: #Microsoft Unveils Tools for Advocacy & Campaigns. #POLC2010 | Thx again 2 @iContactCorp & @AOL 4 having me here! 4:40 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  41. @MattEnergy If you or your CEO have any questions about Email Marketing Best Practices, feel free to contact me anytime! :) #POLC2010 4:30 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to mattenergy

  42. Digital Literacy should be integrated into Campaigns for minorities to boost ACTION by Non-Connected Audiences. Education is KEY. #POLC2010 4:25 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  43. Grassroots campaigns are meant for non-connected audiences. Success requires a hybrid on and offline campaign. Get LOCAL, Be REAL! #POLC2010 4:18 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  44. “LoFi” still works. SMS accounts for a majority of data traffic amongst minorities. Existing lower tier technologies still work! #POLC2010 4:11 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  45. Multi-Cultural/Racial Messaging should relate; be cautious not to silo entire groups. Also consider Connected vs. Non-Connected. #POLC2010 4:04 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  46. Dalia Mogahed: The Muslim Community contains multiple networks: National, Informal Networks (Bloggers), and Local Community ORGs. #POLC2010 3:54 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  47. Engage w/ geographic awareness; both country of origin and current physical location. Diff areas will dictate preferred language. #POLC2010 3:51 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  48. Keep one foot in the “mainstream” while maintaining a foot in their native culture. Be respectful and seek out Online Communities. #POLC2010 3:49 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  49. Matt Reyes: Amongst Hispanic Communities, young ppl prefer English w/ only occasional & subtle hispanic content. #POLC2010 3:47 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  50. Now attending the panel on “Reaching & Engaging Minorities.” Panelists: Bill Meierling, Dalia Mogahed, Matt Reyes, & Navarrow. #POLC2010 3:40 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  51. Great crowd at the Email Optimiziation Panel Discussion at #POLC2010. It was an honor to speak w/ such talented & knowledgable colleagues. 3:36 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  52. Speaking on a Panel about Optimizing Your Emails, Building Lists, & Getting People to Click on Your Links. #POLC2010 1:48 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  53. Use #DeviceAnywhere to cost-effectively test your Mobile Web and Applications on a wide range of mobile devices. #POLC2010 1:28 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  54. There is not currently an International Short Code Standard. Expect to work with Aggrigators per country. Segmentation is a fact! #POLC2010 1:08 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  55. Mobile Strategy & Goals are important to measure success. Use SMS, Mobile Web, & Apps by targeting specific audience segments. #POLC2010 1:03 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  56. Establish goals and purpose for your mobile app. It’s unwise to engage blindly. Gather feedback and design accordingly. #POLC2010 12:55 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  57. Integration of Mobile Applications Panel Session at the Politics Online Conference. #POLC2010 – Photo: 12:49 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  58. Mobile Pyramid: SMS-Limited by ~160 chars; MOBILE WEB-Ltd by Tech but more features; APPS-Full Features, Ltd only by SmartPhones. #POLC2010 12:48 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  59. “Web Traffic didn’t surpass FTP Traffic until 1995.” – I still remember the old Bulletin Board Systems, lol! #POLC2010 12:27 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  60. Next Session: The Parameters of Mobile Websites & Political Integration. Jed Alpert, Kevin Bertram, Vance Hedderel, & Daniel Odio. #POLC2010 12:27 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  61. setholdmixon

    Trippi: Establish your community early so they’re ready to be activated when needed. #polc #polc2010 12:22 PM Apr 19th via Twitter for BlackBerry® Retweeted by you

  62. People used to create content for 1-way broadcast, but AR allows for bi-directional feedback from crowds. Optimize UR apps 4 this! #POLC2010 11:21 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  63. @JustinPremick: “At the end of the day, 1K email subscribers is far more valuable than 1K Facebook fans or Twitter followers” #POLC2010 11:16 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  64. AR is about getting your MSG to the people, not getting ppl to come to you. Mobile Tech is a much better standardized medium. #POLC2010 11:13 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  65. Aug. Reality has skipped over Virtual Worlds like 2ndLife. AR is about bringing Online into the Offline where the ppl are. #POLC2010 11:12 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  66. “People buy the shovel, but they want the hole,” via @wHurley. Software is just part of it. Software + Content + Purpose = Value. #POLC2010 11:06 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  67. RT @jcberk: City selling bonds used augmented reality so smartphones could view artist’s rendering of future building. #POLC2010 #FTW! 11:02 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  68. Augmented Reality: Politics Online Conference. Adam Blum, John Craig, Will Hurley, & Matt Lira. #POLC2010 – Photo: 11:01 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  69. FYI: The Augmented Reality Session at the Politics Online Conference is being filmed by #CSPAN. Look for TV footage coming soon! #POLC2010 10:47 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  70. Aug. Reality is the transition from simple engagement to the emersion of the audience into community on and offline. #POLC2010 10:44 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  71. Next Session: Track D – How Augmented Reality, GPS, & Smart Apps will be Used in 2010 Elections… #POLC2010 10:33 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  72. Other than the PRESS, the Obama Admin. targets info to the people, & LISTENS to them. redesigned due to a Blogger! #POLC2010 10:09 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  73. @PRProPam Hi Pam! We need to reconnect offline when I get back to Raleigh, NC! :) 10:02 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to PRProPam

  74. Obama’s Social Media & Press Strategy has circumvented the Trad. Press. Press Sec works for Obama, not Press. Press must adapt! #POLC2010 10:00 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  75. White House Web MGR @robklause had a 500GB HD w/ 8yrs of Bush activities; transfered to the National Archieves #POLC2010 9:55 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  76. Avg tape length was 20mins., therefore there’s 30-60secs missing btwn tapes. = your answer to the “missing tapes.” #Conspiracy #POLC2010 9:49 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  77.’s primary purpose is to inform, be transparent, and archive the trends, presidency, and the pulse of the US Gov. #POLC2010 9:46 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  78. While Obama can say (“as a citizen”) go to; using government resources to create a website link is a legal issue. #POLC2010 9:42 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  79. Keynote: Secrets of – D. Almacy (WH Internet Dir), D. Lytel (Clinton WH), & R. Klause (Bush/Obama Web Mgr). #POLC2010 9:16 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  80. Politics Online Conference in Washington, DC for @iContactCorp & @AOL. Stay tuned 4 LIVE Conf. tweets! – Photo: #POLC 8:38 AM Apr 19th via Twitter for iPhone

  81. Any old friends in the Washington, DC area want to meet up tonight or tmrw night while I’m in town? :) 8:34 PM Apr 18th via Twitter for iPhone

  82. Thanks to @SouthWestAir for another drama-free flight! You guys ROCK! Landed in Washington-Baltimore Int’l. Next Stop: Washington, DC! :) 6:04 PM Apr 18th via Twitter for iPhone

  83. Distributed WOWME Awards to fellow MARCOM members at iContact. It’s an honor to work w/ such a talented team! 3:14 PM Apr 18th via Twitter for iPhone

  84. Enroute to iContact before heading for RDU to BWI. I’ll be speaking on Email Mktg Best Practices at the Politics Online Conference. #POLC. 2:36 PM Apr 18th via Twitter for iPhone

  85. On a conference call with fellow panel speakers and organizers for next week’s 2-Day Politics Online Conference 2010. #POLC 2:13 PM Apr 16th via Seesmic

  86. RT @KNLorenz: Thx to #triama @gregoryng @communitymgr @jkrohrs @ctct_anissa for the great panel today. – It was great meeting you all! :) 5:37 PM Apr 15th via Twitter for iPhone

  87. @ZAGGchick I will say that when I finally got a real person, she was extremely nice. However, excessive wait times isn’t good business. 4:40 PM Apr 15th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ZAGGchick

  88. RT @TaylorBarr: Oh look- Our Company, @iContact, is on the front page of the Herald Sun 9:57 AM Apr 15th via Seesmic

  89. RT @RyanAllis: @iContact Plans to Move To Bigger Space in Morrisville – 10:58 AM Apr 14th via txt

  90. RT @iContact: Job Openings: MySQL DBA, UI Designer, Linux SysEngineer, Data Warehouse Engineer. Apply via 5:52 PM Apr 13th via txt

  91. Thanks to a flight delay by #USAIR, I’ll miss my connector. Going to have to change flights to make it to LAS from RDU… 3:55 PM Apr 12th via txt

  92. Rushing to one last meeting before heading to RDU for PRWeb in Las Vegas. Busiest morning ever! Lol 12:39 PM Apr 12th via Twitter for iPhone

  93. Finishing up some PowerPoint presentations, and getting ready to fly out to Las Vegas to speak at the PRWeb Conference & Workshop… 10:40 AM Apr 12th via Seesmic

  94. @FuelFrog 293.1 2.779 9.102 9:22 PM Apr 11th via txt

  95. @CraigRutman Only the time I’ve wasted not keeping in touch with you my friend! Hope you have a GREAT weekend Craig! :) 5:01 PM Apr 9th via Seesmic in reply to CraigRutman

  96. Ugh… 26:27 of my life wasted on hold with @ZaggDaily /#ZAGG. Finally resolved after 28:53 minutes. She was nice, but the wait time = #FAIL 4:55 PM Apr 9th via Seesmic

  97. RT @printedproof: RT @photocrave: 27 Eerie Shots of Running Water 9:22 AM Apr 9th via Seesmic

  98. Another great day working w/ such great coworkers as @iAmJulie, @TaylorBarr, @ChuckHester, @m00re, @JeffreyGray, @BMilford, and many others! 7:01 PM Apr 8th via Twitter for iPhone

  99. RT @m00re: Social Media Savvy for Non-Profits My Carolina Today, Sharon talks w/ iContact’s @ChuckHester. VIDEO: 12:32 PM Apr 8th via Seesmic

  100. If you’re at #cloudforce New York, take a moment to visit us and learn how iContact’s #Salesforce integration can streamline your campaigns! 11:43 AM Apr 8th via Seesmic

  101. RT @iAmJulie: my creepy stop motion film~ Don’t judge too harshly- ’twas my first try! “The P … 9:54 AM Apr 8th via txt

  102. @TaylorBarr I believe the 10-min rule still applies to no-call-no-shows of meeting hosts… :) 2:08 PM Apr 6th via txt

  103. Want to attend the Web 2.0 Expo/Conf, May 3-6 in San Francisco? Use codes websf10coma for 20% off packages; websf10coe for a free expo pass! 10:04 AM Apr 5th via Seesmic

  104. RT @@smartapps4u: WolframAlpha Drops iPhone App Price by 96% to $1.99 Offers Refunds – GREAT CustServ & Company Values! 9:55 PM Apr 2nd via Twitter for iPhone

  105. #trapster is looking for a PHP rockstar dev and HTML dev, contact us for more info: community[at] #job /via @trapster 9:52 PM Apr 2nd via Twitter for iPhone

  106. Here’s to hoping iContact’s very own @JeffreyGray wins the first round in Carolina’s funniest Comedian tonight! 9:12 PM Apr 2nd via txt

  107. Excited to see so many new faces on the iContact Team. Looking forward to getting to know them all in the coming weeks! :) 2:42 PM Apr 2nd via Seesmic

  108. In the spirit of @ChuckHester, I figured I’d play some classic Sinatra in the office. This hasn’t gone over well with my teammates, LOL. :) 2:30 PM Apr 2nd via Seesmic

  109. RT @RyanAllis: Drew Tulchin of Social Enterprise Associates speaking at iContact on how to increase social impact! 12:26 PM Apr 2nd via Seesmic

  110. iContact and PRWeb Present Online Marketing Seminar and 10:52 AM Apr 2nd via Seesmic