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Hilarious Video: ULTIMATE Caption FAIL!

By Internetainers, Rhett and Link

“If you’re not sure what we mean by the game “Telephone”, it’s the party game where you whisper something in someone’s ear, then they whisper it in someone else’s ear, and so on. The message gets changed over time. If you’re playing this game at a party, it probably means it’s a pretty lame party.

If you turned on the Closed Captions, you may notice that the transcript is significantly different from what we ended up with for each round. That’s because each time a video is uploaded, the computer listens to the audio and interprets it fresh. So, even if you upload essentially the same audio, if one small thing changes in your video, the transcript will change, sometimes a lot. It’s just a phenomenon associated with the technology. Our scripts from rounds 2 & 3 came from the actual transcripts that were generated when we uploaded those videos. Make sense?”

– Rhett and Link


Digital Short: 10-Second Video That Sums Up My Day…

Video Blog: A quick 10-second video that sums up my day today…

Camera Platform: iPhone 3GS
Post-Production: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c
Project Length: 12 Minutes

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Ford Fiesta Mission #4: Go BIG!

Video & Photography By: James Wong,

So my good friend Taylor Barr needed some help with his Ford Fiesta Movement Mission for August 2009, so we got together on Saturday, August 29th and rocked it out!

I shot with a Sony HD Camcorder (as always), as well as some “vblog-style” (VBS) video via my Sony Webbie and Taylor’s Flip HD. The post-production editing was done Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. The entire production and post-production time frame was basically 24 hours, so it was a quick job, but the entire project came together quite nicely…

Ford Fiesta Movement Challenge

This Month is Social Activism Month. We took the time to visit one Big Brother and one Big Sister from the Big Brother Big Sister of the Triangle. In between hanging out with the two stellar mentors, we ran into the Panther Creek Marching Band, donated some money, and listened to some great music! Enjoy.

- Taylor Barr


Almost Karaoke Friday at iContact

iContact’s own Twitter Tweeple
CommunityMGR & @TaylorBarr

A very special thank you to Taylor Barr
for including the infamous “Short Asian” in your daily clips! LOL!


Does China Have Americatowns?

iContact’s own Twitter Tweeple
CommunityMGR & @TaylorBarr

Check out the THIRD Video response, it’s HILARIOUS!